FIAP Photographer's Card (Life Card) and FIAP Registration Number (FP number) Applications

As of January 1, 2021, the FIAP PHOTOGRAPHER'S CARD (Life Card) will no longer be issued by TFSF not through FIAP, but by applying directly to FIAP.

Those who wish to obtain a Life Card should open their application from the link and apply for a Life Card.

Application payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. Please select the correct payment method in your application.

For information on the amount of payments to be made to FIAP and where and how to make them, click on the blue links in this row.

Please watch the video explaining how to apply for a FIAP Photographer Card (Life Card) and/or FIAP Registration Number (FP number):

In addition to first-time Life Card recipients, those who have lost their card or wish to change their name should also apply for a Life Card. If they have not already obtained a FIAP Registration Number, they should go to and obtain their FP number.

You can download the FIAP guidelines on what is described here: FIAP INFO 185/2021 E (English), FIAP INFO 185/2021 F (Français)

From early 2021, when you receive your new FIAP title, FIAP will send you a FIAP Photographer' Card (Life Card) with your new title free of charge.

In order to receive a FIAP Photographer's Card (LIFE CARD) or to apply for a FIAP Title, the photographer must register himself/herself on the FIAP website. Once registered, the site will issue a FIAP Registration Number in the format FP-xxxxxxx. You will use this number for your Life Card and FIAP title applications.