FIAP Unvanlı Fotoğrafçılarımız

Our FIAP Title Holder Photographers

International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) has created the following titles to honor leading figures in the field of photography: - Photographic artists recognized for their artistic work: 

*** The numbers next to them indicate the number of people with this title in Turkey as of 30.12.2022.

Artist FIAP AFIAP(382) 

Excellence FIAP EFIAP(137) 

Excellence FIAP Bronze EFIAP/b(22)

Excellence FIAP Silver EFIAP/s(8) 

Excellence FIAP Gold EFIAP/g(7) 

Excellence FIAP Platinum EFIAP/p(7)

Excellence FIAP Diamond1EFIAP/d1(-) 

Excellence FIAP Diamond2 EFIAP/d2(-) 

Excellence FIAP Diamond3 EFIAP/d3(1) 

Master FIAP MFIAP(1) 

In addition to the above titles, there are two other honorary titles awarded by FIAP in recognition of the contributions of photographers to FIAP and to the art of photography in general. ESFIAP and HONEFIAP applications are discussed and evaluated at one of the regular meetings of the FIAP Board of Directors. The title of "Honorary Excellence FIAP" (HonEFIAP) is the highest honor that can be bestowed by the International Federation of the Art of Photography (FIAP) on the holder of the ESFIAP title. The number of living recipients of this award is limited by the FIAP Board of Directors. 

Excellence FIAP for Services Rendered = ESFIAP(8)

Honorary Excellence FIAP = HonEFIAP(3)


2022 FIAP Titled Photographers List