Establishment Announcement


A dream of the Turkish photography world has come true and for the first time in Türkiye, an art branch has a federation. The work started with the entry into force of the new Civil Law at the beginning of 2002, for which great efforts had been made for many years, was completed and the Federation of the Art of Photography (TFSF) became a legal entity on May 30, 2003.

Photography, which started to develop in the 1800s and spread rapidly all over the world in a short time, did not take much time to come to our country. However, the establishment of groups and associations and the development of the art of photography in our country were not in parallel. It has always been a source of sadness for Turkish photographers to know that there are almost a hundred-year-old photography associations in Europe, and that even Far Eastern countries have photography federations. The development of photography in our country gained momentum with the start of association in the 1950s. Although around 40 associations have been established in Türkiye over the years, today there are more than twenty photography associations all over Anatolia. New ones are being added to this number and the number of members reaches 2000.

Since 1987, photography associations, which have continued their unity and work under the names of FDÇK (Photography Associations Working Committee) and then TFDB (Union of Photography Art Associations of Türkiye), will continue their work for the development of Turkish Photography, reaching large masses, and representing it more effectively on national and international platforms with the 16 years of experience of the Union and the official title it has gained after achieving their Federation.

The aim of the Federation of the Art of Photography (TFSF) is to contribute to raising generations in our society who see rather than look by using both the documentary and artistic dimension of photography, to lead the work to be done for the development and strengthening of the art of photography in Türkiye, and to represent Türkiye successfully in international environments.


Federation founder associations are as follows;

AFAD - Adana Photography Amateurs Association

ANFAD - Antalya Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association

BANFAD - Bandırma Photography Amateurs Association

BASAF - Balıkesir Art Photographers Association

EFOD - Edirne Photography Art Association

FOTOFORUM - Photography Art Association - Trabzon

FOTOGEN - Photography Art Association - Istanbul

FSK - Photographic Art Association - Ankara

GAFSAD - Gaziantep Amateur Photography Art Association

IFOD - Izmir Photographic Art Association

IFSAK - Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association

KASK - Kocaeli Photographic Art Association

KONFAD - Konya Photography Amateurs Association

MFD - Mersin Photography Association

ZEYFOD - Zeytinli Photography Amateurs Association - Edremit


TFSF Interim Board of Directors

May 30, 2003