Information About PSA

PSA is referred to as the Photographic Society of America Worldwide.

It was founded in America in 1934 and named as the American Photography Society, and in its 87th year, it is known as the Universal America Photography Society. PSA Worldwide, which has members and regional directors in many countries of the world, is managed by a corporate structure and has board members in every country of the world.

PSA is an association of individual photographers, but association memberships are also accepted. There are no federation or club level business partners in any country.

It is important to state that PSA photography aims to develop cultures among individuals.

You can join many workgroups and deepen your knowledge of photography through the website. An experienced photographer provides mentoring services at the beginning of each photography work group.

Turkey, located in Eastern Europe group.

The web address is as follows;

How to become a member?

It is possible to become a member by entering the website.

If necessary, you can contact the regional Exhibition Standards director for information.

There are options to become a member for 1-2-3 years. Retrospective membership can be taken to be used to obtain a title.

The link below can be used to become a member; 

Application to Join or Renew | Photographic Society of America


PSA Turkey Representatives Is there?

Yes. The responsible persons with the following information can be contacted.

Hulki Muradi Türkiye, She is the RESD-Regional Competition Standards Director responsible for the Middle East and Central Asia.

[email protected]

(0532) 4114783

Burak Şenbak Turkey is the Director of Member Relations.

[email protected]

(0532) 2035220


Are there any PSA Titles? If so, what titles are there?

PSA gives titles that are appreciated all over the world and can be carried.

These titles are earned as a result of evaluating the awards and acceptances obtained from PSA approved competitions.

PSA has also established retrospective year subscriptions so photographers can also take into account their achievements in the past years. Obtaining membership every year retrospectively is called "BUYBACK".

PSA titles can be clasped like "1-5 STAR, QPSA, PPSA, EPSA, MPSA", while Galaxy type titles are available. To get detailed information about the title and to visit the galleries of Turkish members with the title, you can use the links below and get information from your country representatives.


Stars / ROPA Overview | Photographic Society of America


TUR Member Galleries | Photographic Society of America


How can I find the PSA approved competitions that I will participate in to get the PSA Title?

With the link below, you can see all the ongoing PSA approved competitions on a monthly basis.


Current Exhibition List | Photographic Society of America


How should I proceed if I want to organize a PSA Approved competition?

With the link given below, it can be seen in detail how a PSA approved competition can be organized.

It is possible for you to progress by contacting directly with the Competition Standards Director Hulki Muradi.


Application to run a PSA Recognized Exhibition | Photographic Society of America


How can I find photographers who are PSA members?

According to the months when you can find who the members from Turkey and the world. Example: If November-November Year is selected, it can be easily seen who became a member in November.

New Member Lists | Photographic Society of America