Türkiye Fotoğraf Sanatı Federasyonu Tüzüğü


It is the Photographic Arts Federation Of Türkiye. Its short name is TFSF.


It is Ankara.


The purpose of the federation; To create rapprochement and solidarity with photography associations and art circles, to ensure the development, learning and dissemination of the art of photography, to contribute to the social and cultural life of the society, to try to promote our country abroad with every aspect of our culture and art through the art of photography. It prepares, has it prepared and carries out photography activities and projects in order to ensure recognition, to raise awareness on social issues and all kinds of disadvantaged situations.

To achieve this aim, the following studies are carried out:

a) It is ensured that the member associations develop their relations with each other and their work is supported.

b) Encourages the establishment of new associations and contributes to their establishment.

c) It carries out activities such as meetings, conferences, panels, seminars, shows, exhibitions, competitions, festivals and trips and supports such activities to be carried out by member associations.

ç) It establishes relations with the federations of other countries in order to promote and represent our country in the international photographic environment, becomes a member, and carries out the necessary studies for the world photography art to be closely monitored.

d) It accelerates the communication of news and information with publications such as bulletins and magazines, by issuing periodic and non-periodical publications such as books, albums and catalogs, and by using the electronic environment, it ensures the evaluation of products and the processing of culture and art subjects.

e) It carries out works to promote our photography, culture and art, and generally Turkey in other countries.

f) Brings exhibitions, shows and other works from other countries in order to improve our knowledge and experience.

g) Supports studies on all subjects that will enrich science, art and culture in terms of photography.

ğ) Collections with historical, technical and artistic value as photographs, machines and materials are created, they are exhibited in contemporary conditions and presented to researchers under the roof of a library and museum.

h) It establishes relations with institutions at all levels that provide photography education, cooperates and participates in studies, opens photography education institutions at all levels, and contributes to the opening of these by associations.

ı) Establishes organizations such as economic, commercial enterprises, partnerships, mutual aid funds, cooperatives and foundations in photography-related fields, and provides support and advice to those established or to be established by associations.

i) Acquires movable and immovable properties, sells them, rents them, and manages them.

j) It establishes, operates and supports the establishment of a dark room, studio, local, transparent bank, digital bank.

k) Organizes national and international competitions, fairs and gives awards in order to support, develop and spread the art of photography.

l) Provides material and moral support to member associations working for the development of the art of photography.

m) It helps, supervises, supports and recommends members to the selection committees in the regulation of national and international photography competitions in order to protect the rights of those who produce photographic works and to develop the art of photography. It establishes competition principles and encourages the implementation of national and international photography competitions held in Turkey in order to meet certain standards. It approves the eligibility for the competitions, monitors and documents the results. It warns and imposes sanctions when rules are not followed.

n) In order to protect the rights of those who produce photographic works, it carries out the necessary studies and information regarding photographic copyrights.

o) Transfers in-kind and cash aids, such as photographic materials and equipment, provided in any way from home or abroad, to associations in need.

ö) It organizes all kinds of photography events in the country and abroad with joint organizations by using the photographic potential of the country.

p) With the decision of the Board of Directors, it can create and participate in platforms in order to achieve a common goal with federations, foundations, unions and similar non-governmental organizations in areas related to its objectives.

r) Where deemed necessary, by the decision of the board of directors, the association may open representative offices to carry out its activities.

s) Employs an appropriate number of personnel for the execution of the Federation's activities, pays their salaries and ensures their social rights.

ş) Participate in and implement European Union projects and International and National social responsibility projects. It can give and receive grants related to these projects.

t) Photography activities to raise awareness on social issues and all kinds of disadvantaged situations (refugee, migration, war, disability, old age, violence against women, human rights, climate change, drought, earthquake, urban transformation, flood, environmental awareness, etc.) and projects